About Brett Marraccini

Brett Marraccini is the Product Manager for DigitalGlobe Maps API. Brett specializes in satellite imagery content and web mapping solutions. He also has an ever-growing relief map collection.   aka: BJ   follow @bjmarra on twitter

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OpenLayers and Maps API: Global Imagery for the Global Community

Developers looking for a clean, robust web map library that can reference data and services from Open Source geo-stacks (like PostGIS and GeoServer) typically implement OpenLayers because of it's vast library of integration examples, mobile integration and massive FAQ database via StackOverflow and GIS StackExchange networks. With DigitalGlobe Maps API, the integration with OpenLayers is truly seamless and simple. [...]

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Maps API and Leaflet – Integration is Easy!

If you've been searching how to embed an open-source map library into web pages or an application, chances are you are going to see Leaflet mentioned at/near the top of everyone's list. It's easy to implement the code, and Leaflet is trusted by many high-profile companies. At DigitalGlobe Maps API, we resolve to make our high-res imagery and basemaps easy to implement [...]

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Recent Imagery Update over USA and Europe!

We're constantly hard-at-work behind the scenes here at Maps API, assessing and curating imagery for our product from the vast 90 peta-byte (PB) archive of DigitalGlobe imagery in our factory.  It's no small task to create a skin of the earth, let alone publish it all as map tiles which can be easily integrated in web maps, desktop GIS, and [...]

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Using Maps API with QGIS

Sao Paulo, Brazil. Maps API in QGIS: so simple, so fast! DigitalGlobe Maps API is not only just for application developers - it's also targeted for desktop GIS users who need quick access to a tiled imagery basemap for their mapping projects. In particular, OSGeo’s QGIS Desktop application is a user-friendly Open Source Geographic Information [...]

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