Earth imaging basics: spatial resolution.

Spatial resolution is the core way in which we benchmark satellite imagery.

What spatial resolution do you require? That depends on what you need to see.

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Finding Oil Tanks With GBDX Image-filtering Algorithms

Estimating oil reserves from high-resolution satellite imagery has become rather fashionable in our budding geospatial-analytics-from-space industry. We have developed a geospatial image analysis and processing software suite available to GBDX subscribers, which uses state of the art hierarchical image representation structures for the efficient organization, access and retrieval of the image information content.

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Monitoring Coastal Change With Multispectral Imagery

Coastal change is a global phenomenon that is attributed to tides, powerful sea currents, and overall climate change. It has the potential to threaten communities and local economies of coastal towns and cities. Accurate detection and measurement of coastal change can provide valuable data for scientific studies of coastal evolution, as well as guide flooding disaster preparedness and mitigation.

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