Earth imaging basics: spatial resolution.

Spatial resolution is the core way in which we benchmark satellite imagery.

What spatial resolution do you require? That depends on what you need to see.

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Maps API and Leaflet – Integration is Easy!

If you've been searching how to embed an open-source map library into web pages or an application, chances are you are going to see Leaflet mentioned at/near the top of everyone's list. It's easy to implement the code, and Leaflet is trusted by many high-profile companies. At DigitalGlobe Maps API, we resolve to make our high-res imagery and basemaps easy to implement [...]

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Using Maps API with QGIS

Sao Paulo, Brazil. Maps API in QGIS: so simple, so fast! DigitalGlobe Maps API is not only just for application developers - it's also targeted for desktop GIS users who need quick access to a tiled imagery basemap for their mapping projects. In particular, OSGeo’s QGIS Desktop application is a user-friendly Open Source Geographic Information [...]

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Using MyDigitalGlobe as a Time Machine

Tapping into the world’s deepest archive of high-resolution imagery is better than a DeLorean when it comes to time travel. And it’s way easier to use. Login to, enter your access credentials, and you’re in Navigate to your area of interest Turn on thumbnail preview images on the time slider Pick the images you [...]

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Maps API: Labels in Multiple Languages

Many of our end-users love the fact that we publish our basemap imagery content along with Mapbox's curated OpenStreetMap vector overlay. This gives our users a great experience in applications that need referential information from a validated source. In addition, we have had some requests from end users for labels that follow a specific language: [...]

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More Recent Imagery, please.

There are times when you need a clear and recent imagery basemap for your applications. One that places high value on image currency (age).  You need an imagery basemap that covers the globe, at high-resolution, in all those places that other imagery providers do not have revenue reasons for maintaining. 'Esri World Imagery' of [...]

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