Actionable Insights. Global Scale.

Imagine a living digital library that documents every inch of our changing planet. Now imagine a powerful, cloud-based platform with tools to extract meaningful insights at scale from that library. Finally, imagine an ecosystem that matches the creators of those insights with customers who can turn them into effective, world-changing solutions. That’s geospatial big data made accessible. That’s GBDX.

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“We wanted to build an analytics database that would describe the built environment without someone having to look at it”
—Gerry Stanley, Product Portfolio Manager, PSMA

Learn how one company engineered location intelligence at a continental scale

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“It gives us the ability to look at things that are too large for the human eye to comprehend.”
—James Crawford, Founder and CEO, Orbital Insight

Discover how GDBX lets Orbital Insight see the forest and the trees all at once.

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An Empowering Ecosystem

GBDX Ecosystem

The GBDX platform enables you to build, access and run advanced workflows and tools that extract actionable information on a worldwide scale from the most robust cloud-based satellite image library. It then lets you sell those insights to companies that need data but can’t produce it themselves. This creates the ideal ecosystem for you to create new customer solutions without the cost of owning and operating costly data and IT infrastructure.

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Data Like You’ve Dreamed Of

GBDX gives you location intelligence derived from geospatial big data—letting you track changes, classify materials, identify objects and discover new patterns that will improve business results without specialized geospatial systems or expertise. After all, what you need to improve your business is the data. GDBX can provide it.

There are hundreds of ways customers are using GBDX, including:

Detecting and measuring coastal change

Driven by tides, powerful sea currents and overall climate change, coastal change threatens coastal communities and local economies. Accurate detection and measurement of coastal change facilitates scientific investigations and flooding disaster preparedness and mitigation.

Finding pools

Identifying homes with swimming pools is valuable to insurance companies, tax assessors and public agencies—but having human analysts collect and scour satellite imagery for pools is time-consuming and expensive. GBDX solves that problem.

Monitoring changes along pipeline routes

Pipeline operators face a big challenge in meeting federal and state safety regulations. Pipeline monitoring through GBDX lets operators identify areas of concern, receive frequent updates, validate the data and prioritize risk mitigation activities.

Detecting hidden populations

There are large regions of the planet which, although inhabited, remain unmapped to this day. Our approach: collect training samples from the crowd, train a neural network to identify the object of interest, then deploy the trained model on large areas. It works.