DigitalGlobe AllAccess+Analytics

The AllAccess+Analytics service allows Esri ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 platform customers to subscribe to the complete library of DigitalGlobe’s content and analytics. This includes access to:

  • Imagery. DigitalGlobe’s entire 16-year, 100-petabyte digital library of high-resolution satellite imagery.
  • Analysis. GBDX, DigitalGlobe’s geospatial big data analytics platform, designed for detailed exploitation, analysis and creation of derived products.


DigitalGlobe Imagery

Esri customers who purchase an AllAccess+Analytics subscription will have access to the entire DigitalGlobe global library. This includes current imagery, which is typically available within 48 hours after collection. Areas of interest (AOIs) from the library can be selected with a minimum dimension of 1×1 km2 per area. For each area defined by the customer, only the selected portion of image intersected by the AOI will count against the km2 allotted by the subscription tier purchased.

The selected imagery is made available as a set of dynamic image services that provides access to the full range of multi-spectral, panchromatic and pan-sharpened images. All images are atmospheric compensated (AComp).

Orthorectification is done at native resolution on the best available digital terrain model (DTM). Imagery can be further adjusted to ensure highest absolute accuracy and relative pixel alignment.

“Access to the entire 100-petabyte DigitalGlobe global library, including current imagery as it becomes available.”

All selected imagery will be staged on GBDX and accessible via an ArcGIS Enterprise implementation running in the AWS US-EAST-1 cloud infrastructure region. The ArcGIS Enterprise implementation is licensed to the client’s organization running within their own virtual private network, and can be federated with other internal enterprise GIS to ensure customer privacy.


GBDX Analytics

Analysts who have access to the dynamic image services may run additional analytics and processing tasks within their federated enterprise GIS. The subscription includes access to a standard set of predefined image processing and analysis tasks, including change detection, classification and refinement of orthoimage accuracy, as well as geoprocessing tools like feature extraction, machine learning-based object detection, and 175 Harris ENVI Imagery Analytics tools running on the GBDX compute infrastructure.

“Analyze any Image Service via any combination of Raster Analytics, GBDX and ENVI Algorithms”

Analysts may also use ArcGIS Pro to develop additional processing and analytic tasks. These tasks can run on ArcGIS servers and be shared throughout their ArcGIS Enterprise implementation as image and feature services (subject to standard usage rights).

Subscription Term

  • Term: 12-month subscription.
  • View Users: Unlimited “view” users for non-commercial resale use of view imagery and derived analytic products.
  • Analyst Users: Five analyst users to manage image selection and run analytics. Additional analyst user packs are available at additional charge
  • Imagery Services: Selected DigitalGlobe imagery is available for the subscription term up to the km2 subscription limit. If more imagery is required than included in customer subscription tier, customers can upgrade to a higher tier during the subscription term.

Product Requirements

  • Three Amazon Web Services (AWS) – EC2 m3.xlarge machines in US East 1 Region (Approx $4500 /year)
  • ArcGIS Enterprise + 2x Image Server (typically part of Esri Enterprise Agreements)
  • Additional machines and ArcGIS licenses may be added as required.
  • Esri Jump Start support is included to manage deployment and initial setup.
  • Esri Professional Services support or managed services is optionally available for continued maintenance if desired.

Usage Rights

  • Utilization of imagery and permitted derivatives is solely for Customer’s internal business purposes.
  • Publishing rights are allowed per DigitalGlobe publishing guidelines.
  • Creation and download of digital elevation models is allowed.

Usage Restrictions

  • Imagery and derivatives may not be used for commercial resale.
  • The download or export of source data or >8-bit & 3-band RGB imagery in excess of the subscribed Download tier is prohibited.
  • Use of AllAccess+Analytics services to increase the accuracy of non-DigitalGlobe Imagery for resale purposes is strictly prohibited.


Included Annual Imagery (km2) Included Analytics Usage per km2 Price
10,000 km2 15 $44,363.81
15,000 km2 15 $66,545.72
20,000 km2 15 $88,727.63

  • All Tiers require Esri Professional Services Jump Start to deploy and configure the AA+A Offering for $5,000.00. This one-time setup fee will not be charged in out-year renewals unless the customer opts to re-incur it to reconfigure their deployed Esri ArcGIS Server 10.5 environment.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting costs (~$4,500 annually) directly billed to customer by Amazon.
  • Harris ENVI Algorithm on-site Kick-start available for additional fee.
  • Higher levels of analytic tiers available for additional uplift.
  • Offering additionally available as an Esri Managed Service.
  • Custom Pricing Tiers available
  • Included Analytics Usage means that a customer can run any combination of any algorithms available via AllAccess+Analytics up to a max of 15 analytics per km2. This would support 30 analytics for up to half the km2, 60 analytics for up to one quarter km2, etc.

Bonus for Existing DigitalGlobe Customer

Existing DigitalGlobe customers who have licensed Level 1 imagery products from DigitalGlobe may request that the previously purchased images be included in the subscription. For the duration of the subscription, these images will also be accessible without additional charge as part of their dynamic image services and be accessible as input to the analysis platform and be subject to the purchase usage restrictions.


Who is DigitalGlobe?
DigitalGlobe owns and operates the most agile and sophisticated constellation of high-resolution commercial earth imaging satellites. The constellation has the ability to capture over 3 million km2 per day, equivalent to capturing the entire landmass of the Earth at high resolution every 2 weeks.  Together, WorldView-1, GeoEye-1, WorldView-2, WorldView-3 and WorldView-4 are capable of collecting well over one billion square kilometers of quality imagery per year and offering intraday revisits around the globe.

What is included in the imagery library?
The DigitalGlobe image library consists of more than 1 million images collected over the last 16 years and contains nearly 100 petabytes of data.

How often is the imagery updated?
Customers will have access to new commercial imagery collected by the DigitalGlobe satellites every day, typically available within 24-48 hours of collection.

What is the process for accessing imagery and analytics?

  1. Go to .
  2. Define your AOI(s). Each AOI must have a minimum size of 1km x 1km.
  3. Select suitable intersecting image(s) from the archive. Your usage is based on the confirmed intersecting areas.
  4. Select “Esri Image Service” – you will be prompted to login with your ArcGIS online credentials, and the dynamic image service will be generated (typically within 15 minutes to 48 hours).
  5. Access the imagery as a dynamic image service(s) directly into your ArcGIS environment.
  6. Refine the accuracy as needed, based on available controls within raster analytics and Image Server.
  7. Select geoprocessing analytic tasks to be run against the imagery.
  8. Run the tasks.
  9. Access the analysis results as image and feature services in your applications.

How many people will have access to the image services?
There is unlimited access for view-only users. Access to the dynamic image services for running analytics is provided for up to five identified analysts within the organization. Access by additional analysts may be licensed for additional cost.

Analysts can access services that provide full resolution, dynamic range and temporal fidelity to their selected images. The Analysts can directly use these image services in a range of applications including ArcGIS Desktop and web applications. They may also perform heads up digitizing or generate derived products.

What happens when my subscription expires?

Upon expiration of the DigitalGlobe AllAccess+Analytics subscription, access to the source data image services expire; however, organizations may continue to have full usage of the derived products as well as access to the AWS compute infrastructure and ArcGIS Server software as long as the subscription for these services remain.

What are examples of derivative products I can generate?

  • 3-band 8-bit color orthoimages and orthoimage mosaics created during the subscription term.
  • Vectors derived from the imagery (as FeatureClass).
  • Raster classifications derived from the imagery (e.g. NDVI or pervious/impervious).
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) generated from GDBX tasks or raster analytics.
  • Analysis/Derivative creation is limited to vectors, categorical data or 3-band 8-bit imagery that does not allow generation of the source data.
  • Machine-learning based object detection vectors (buildings, cars, ships, etc.).

All compute and storage of derived product utilizes customer’s infrastructure on AWS.

The refined view image services and the output will be accessible through the Enterprise GIS as image and feature services, which the customers may freely distribute subject to usage rights.

What constitutes view Image Services?
Analysts may refine processing parameters and then generate individual orthoimages or orthomosaics for selected areas. These derived View Images are 8-bit 3-band color or panchromatic images as image services or tile cache services at any required resolution, which the customers may freely distribute subject to the usage rights.