GBDX: Bringing the Compute to the Data

What could you do with  a 16-year, 100-petabyte library of high-resolution Earth imagery? Not much—without the access and computational horsepower needed to extract meaningful information from it.

That’s where GBDX comes in. By placing geospatial content in close physical proximity to the resources needed to process it, GBDX lets you produce actionable location intelligence rapidly and at any scale—increasing efficiency and decreasing the bandwidth required to move large amounts of content.

Extracting useful data and meaningful insights from Earth imagery involves a lot of heavy lifting. GBDX provides the access to data and processing power you need to unleash brilliant new applications, or extend existing ones by embedding them in customer-centric interfaces enabled by the platform.

An Ecosystem Designed for Data Producers

Developed by DigitalGlobe – the world’s leading provider of high-resolution, multispectral Earth imagery content – the GBDX platform fuses a robust infrastructure for processing geospatial data into actionable information with an ecosystem that helps data producers generate revenue by finding the right consumers for their insights.


DigitalGlobe owns and operates the most agile and sophisticated constellation of commercial Earth imaging satellites, collecting 3,000,000 km2 of new high-resolution, multispectral Earth imagery every day. GBDX combines access to our 16-year time-lapse image library with content from third-party providers, to create a living digital inventory of our changing planet- the DigitalGlobe.

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GBDX uses Amazon Web Service (AWS) for cloud-based access to all its content and computational resources. The system dynamically scales up and down based on the amount of demand placed on it by GBDX users at any given time. Content is stored in S3 ‘buckets’ accessed through GBDX RESTful (REST) web service APIs. The native GBDX Workflow API lets you access state-of-the-art machine learning and remote sensing algorithms from DigitalGlobe and other third-party providers— dramatically increasing your processing capabilities. Have your own proven algorithms? Import them into the system and run them at scale.

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The GBDX platform enables data producers and developers to build solutions that can be shared or sold directly to data consumers. But it’s so much more than just a platform—it’s a fully networked ecosystem that matches data producers with consumers who can turn their data into meaningful, world-changing insights.

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The GBDX Environment

The GBDX platform provides users with a fast and easy way to search, order and process images and their data.

  • REST APIs and Services: You can use GBDX’s REST APIs and services to search the catalog, order imagery data, run tasks and workflows, access your AWS S3 bucket, and much more.

Developers who would like to run their own algorithms through the GBDX environment must containerize their capabilities into a standard, uniform interface through Docker. Docker provides for the deployment of algorithms and applications as tasks within the GBDX system. Serving as the “algorithm interface” to GBDX, Docker fits neatly into the ecosystem of the various APIs, Docker hub and the GBDX developer community.

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