Moving Beyond the Pixel

In the past, location intelligence was only available to specialists who could extract meaningful data from geospatial content with their own tools and algorithms. Today, GBDX connects you with data producers who have the tools to provide the exact location intelligence your business needs to succeed.

What Can You Do With GBDX?

There are four main classes of GBDX functionality.

GBDX uses the highest-quality imagery to observe and detect features and objects on the ground. We handle the curation and processing of imagery and geospatial data so you don’t have to.

Count, measure and classify features or objects—anywhere on the planet. GBDX is solving bigger challenges faster than ever before.

Monitor & Inform.
GBDX can track and map changes over time, providing easy access to better decision making. Get critical location intelligence information about elevation, urban development, risk mitigation and more.

Unlock the power of our 100-petabyte data library to generate pure insight decoupled from imagery—customized to solve your unique location intelligence challenges.

See For Yourself

Use this demo map to sample what’s possible with GBDX.

Explore these sample GBDX data layers:

Change Detection.
With the entire world at your fingertips in our 100-petabyte content library, you can easily monitor changes, analyze changes and build predictive analysis models which you can then back-test with our 16-year content archive.

Object Detection.
Utilizing machine learning techniques, object detection identifies and characterizes instances of objects on the surface of the Earth such as buildings, trees, cars, and pools.

Materials Detection.
Many materials on the surface of the Earth can be detected and classified through their “spectral signature,” a unique signal that can be seen with lightwaves not viewable to the human eye. Utilizing DigitalGlobe’s multispectral imagery, these signatures are made visible for materials identification and analysis.

Get Answers To Your Questions From Geospatial Big Data

Companies are increasingly looking to location intelligence to be a core part of their information products or internal business intelligence. In the past, getting access to location intelligence data required very specialized skills from remote sensing and geospatial professionals who knew the ins-and-outs of geospatial content and how to create algorithms designed to extract meaningful data from it.

With GBDX, we connect you with our data producers to deliver you the exact location intelligence your business needs.

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