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Maps API is a simple and exceptionally fast access point to DigitalGlobe imagery content, specially curated to elevate the value of  your web, software and mobile apps. Personal Use to Corporate Enterprise deployments, Maps API delivers the world’s most complete high-resolution view of our planet.

The Best Maps On Earth

Powered by DigitalGlobe’s comprehensive satellite library, Maps API provides beautiful high-resolution Earth imagery along with precise reference maps. The world’s most complete coverage and simple API documentation provide the exact location services your users need.

Available map layers

Recent Imagery
A curated satellite imagery layer of the entire globe. More than 80% of the Earth’s landmass is covered with high-resolution (30 cm-60 cm) imagery, supplemented with cloud-free LandSat 8 as a backdrop.

Street Map
An accurate, seamless street reference map. Based on contributions from the OpenStreetMap community, this layer combines global coverage with essential “locals only” perspectives.

Terrain Map
A seamless, visually appealing terrain perspective of the planet. Shaded terrain with contours guide you through the landscape, and OpenStreetMap reference vectors provide complete locational context.

Freedom From Free Maps

Don’t settle for inconsistent, limited-access “free maps” from other providers. DigitalGlobe Maps API offers premium quality imagery with license rights that no-cost map layers can’t provide — all for a low monthly price.

  • Quality. The most complete high-resolution imagery basemap on the market.
  • Private data. You have exclusive ownership of your customer and usage data.
  • Guaranteed uptime. 99.9% system uptime — yeah, that’s pretty high.
  • Scalable. Support light usage or millions of end-users.
  • Vector data. Accurate and current vector basemaps from OpenStreetMap.
  • Flexible. Our licensing is configurable to meet your needs:
    • Derive rights. Create new accurate data from our imagery (Startup Tier)
    • Paid Apps: put our imagery in your commercial iOS, Android or website apps (Business tier).


  • 100,000 Map Views/Month
  • View, Derive License
  • FREE and Public Apps
  • Recent Imagery
  • Street & Terrain Maps
  • Dedicated email support


  • 250,000 Map Views/Month
  • View, Derive License
  • FREE, Public and Commercial Apps
  • Recent Imagery
  • Street & Terrain Maps
  • Dedicated email support


Sign up online and get instant access to our content API. Our online tiers give you generous usage options, plus the ability to view the imagery and trace or derive new features in open and commercial applications without needing to talk to a sales representative.

Licensing by Tiers, Explained.

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